Total height: 31 cm

Durable base: 12 cm high tempered steel-coiled Pocket Spring system with 5 ergonomic zones (Multizonal system)

Comfort material:Soft, movement-absorbing 11 cm Comfort Foam that helps with temperature regulation and pressure point relief

Support material:Foam encasement on the sides, Side embroidery décors

Extra Features:Pillow Top Cushioning (Double-Sided Pillow Top)

Finishing: Deluxe Quilting on tender Knitted Luxurious Mattress Cover Fabric, Side embroidery décor

Available sizes: 90x200 cm 100x200 cm 160x200 cm 180x200 cm 200x200 cm

Opulence is a Pillow Top Mattress which refers to the extra thick, sumptuous, pillow-like layer of Comfort Foam fillings that is attached to the main body of the mattress for enhanced comfort level. Opulence’s innerspring system is responsible for advanced level pressure distribution and reduced partner disturbance, which is ideal for couples. With the combination of the support layers and comfort layers, this mattress provides the optimal spinal alignment. Our filling materials have an extra breathable cell structure to prevent overheating and wake you up refreshed after a blissfully undisturbed sleep. The soft knit mattress fabric adds an extra touch to the luxurious feel and sumptuousness, it is wonderfully plush for a higher level of surface comfort. Your investment in our trusted Chamambra mattresses will give you years of unparalleled comfort, calm nights, energised mornings and healthier sleep.

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