Original Belgian Damask

A fabric with old world heritage, original Belgian damask is usually made from linen, cotton, or rayon, and it offers a classic woven look. Damask-upholstered mattresses generally showcase different designs woven into the fabric or delicately detailed motifs which make mattresses high-end and luxurious. Also called ticking.

Knitted mattress fabric

Ultimate softness to the hand is the main quality that features this luxurious type of mattress upholstery. With our know-how, it is possible to match the fabric with different types of deluxe quilting.


Our natural coconut fibre, also called as coir, is taken from the husk of the coconut. It has a fibrous cellulose structure that offers durability and breathability when it is placed inside your mattress.


Cotton provides cushion and comfort to your mattress. It is a touch of nature to your bedroom with which you can enjoy a pleasant and soft environment.


Oak, beech and pine wood are the most prominent types of solid wood in Chamambra beds that can be found under the upholstery. Pine wood bed frames and slats, oak wood headboards and beech wood bed legs make excellent household accessories as they are durable, warm and sturdy.

Memory Foam

As an ambassador of advanced sleep technology, Memory Foam first appeared in mid-1960s researches in the NASA, and later made a foray into other applications, such as the sleeping industry. Memory Foam is a truly amazing comfort layer to sink into as it offers body-moulding support and actively responsive structure to your body and movements. They provide consistent, cushioned support as they contour to your body hence they are optimal for people with back and joint pain. It has natural heat-retaining and moisture-absorbing properties.

Natural Latex

Natural, plant-derived latex is harvested from the sap of the Hevea brasiliensis rubber trees. It has minimal off-gassing properties and the ability to promote proper spine alignment. They are springy and bounce back once pressure lifts off of them, and but they also contour to the body. Ideal for sleepers who move a lot at night.

Anti decubitus

Antidecubitus foam is designed for effective prevention of bed-sores and faster recovery from existing sores. They provide excellent pressure relief and they have and egg crate form that promotes air circulation. Antidecubitus foam is also called convoluted foam, it provides a soft sleeping surface and creates therapeutic sleep.

Innerspring Systems

Chamambra only offers Pocket Spring mattresses, which are a more advanced innerspring technology than open coiled ones (such as the Bonnell Spring) as they support a sleeper independently. Pocket spring is an individually wrapped coil system that refers to a set of individual wire springs that are encased in fabric pockets. We also have Zoned or Multizonal Pocket Spring systems that ensure the ergonomic sleeping position as they adapt to every individual part of the body depending on how much support is needed.