The famous monogram

The famous ‘C’ monogram evokes decades of diligent work that was infused into making the Chamambra label synonymous with the concept of luxury. It also evokes reminiscent stories of family roots and history, in line with the sentimental value that is, and always will be, of priceless importance to the creators. It tells a story without having to speak.


The sophisticated embroidery logo on the mattress borders create and exquisite, intricate overall design for your mattress and bet set. The border embroidery, border stitching or woven patterns on the borders showcase a delicate visual composition.

Hand - Tufting

Tufting refers to the hand-sewing of buttons into headboards that will result in a royal, elegant overall outlook in the end. If the hand-tufting is made without buttons, we call it blind tufting.

Hand - Painting

Chamambra bed frames and slats are made of pine wood, some headboards are made of oak wood and bed legs are made of beech wood to make excellent, durable, warm and sturdy household accessories and design furniture. The wooden elements and ingredients of bed sets are treated with natural beeswax wood finish, that is a type of our very own wood polish made by the hand in the woodworking carpentry.


Also called piping, a passepoil is a type of trim or embellishment that runs through the upper and lower borders of luxury mattresses. It consists of a strip of folded fabric that forms a pipe and is inserted into a seam, therefore it defines the edges and creates style lines when it comes to high-end mattresses. It gives a touch of sumptuousness to the Chamambra mattresses.

Headboard designs
Double stitching

This technology can ring a bell from the upholstery of prestige vehicle interiors as it is especially popular in the automotive industry. Also called French Seam, Double-Stitching Seam, and Auto Upholstery Stitching, this type of finishing element creates a trendy, state-of-the-art ensemble that will work with the rest of your design. Works especially well with out Vegan Leather collection.


Deluxe quilting adds to the thickness and softness to the top of the mattress, while it secures the quilt to the comfort layers beneath. It is the ultimate indicator of a luxury mattress, especially if it was made by the technology called One-Needle Quilting, like out Chamambra mattress quilts. There is a plethora os Chamambra mattress quilt patterns (e.g. rectangular, flower, oval).

Assorted furniture

A modern footboard bench or ottoman bench will create the perfect ensemble of a sophisticated bedroom interior, where the bedroom furniture is an accessory of the bed set, but accentuates the primordial style elements of the bed set.

The bed set

We wish you perfect nights of sleep in our Chamambra beds that have everything you need from advanced innerspring systems for ergonomic spinal support, natural materials for health and longevity, and ultimate softness for your comfort. You just have to sink into your new bed and enjoy the ‘Maxo Relaxo’.